Sunday, January 12, 2014

Puer from Kwong Chen Beverage Trading

This was the puer that was purchased at the kwong Chen Beverage Trading in Singapore.
It was their 10 year old plus loose Puer that cost Singapore $10.00 per 100 grams.

The brew was clear but with slight particles.
It has a very earthy and robust flavor.
The scent was of damp earth after the rain.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kwong Chen Beverage Trading

Most Chinese of Cantonese descent that patronize this store was probably brought here by their grandparents.
This is one of the older tea shops in Singapore - established in 1935.
This is Singapore's tea heritage and Chinatown's heritage store.

This merchant carries puer teas and Dragonwell.
They sell prepackaged teas in tins and their Puer is from Yunnan and Dragonwell tea is from Shanghai.

The owner was very friendly and chatted about tea and how there are those who drink tea and don't understand what they are drinking. 
She further noted that Puer tea that she sells is quite old and has a distinctive earthy overtones, which many are not familiar with consequently think the tea is of poor quality.
The least expensive puer she has in the store was a loose Puer that was over 10 years old and cost Singapore $10.00 per 100 grams.

The teapots in the store were quite old as well and from YiXing. 
So, if you are looking for some old YiXing teapots this might well be the place to seek these gems out.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tea Getaways in Singapore - Enjoy Tea

A lovely tea shop tucked away in Chinatown.
Chinese New Year preparations are at its heights in Chinatown.
The store was hidden in the midst of the tents that are being erected outside the stores along Sago Street.
This happens every Chinese New Year for the seasonal vendors.

The owner was also busy with his preparations as he was unloading inventory but was gracious to allow me to take some photographs of his store for this article.

It was a lovely store that carried an array of teas in particular some Puers and religious Buddhist paraphernalia.
It was one of the more modern style tea houses in Singapore.

The tea accoutrement are more contemporary in style and they had a lovely collection of tea trays and bamboo scoops. The teapots were more streamlined and functional.

The incense pots are some of the Buddhist and Art of Tea paraphernalia that the store carries.

As we were leaving, we were greeted by a beautiful Mulberry plant and its seasonal yield.

Location of this store is:
Enjoy Tea
18 Sago Street, #01-01
Singapore 059017

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Aquisition - Tea Cups

Wandered into Chinatown Singapore and found these rather unique and lovely teacups.
They are white, eggshell thin porcelain with Blue and White renderings.

The teacups have a shallow depth to them and makes them ideal for summer tea drinking maybe even winter with the way the weather has been this past week.

This particular tea store has some lovely pieces and are most from China rather than the coveted\
Taiwanese tea utensils.
Very well executed and detailed designs.
The delicateness of the porcelain is quite remarkable for the fact that these are commercially produced.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pek Sin Choon - The oldest tea merchant in Singapore

We wandered into Mr. Kenry's store after walking for a few hours in Chinatown, Singapore.
It was quite a warm and humid day and he was in the midst of tea taste testing.
The cup of tea was quite a thirst quencher.
This particular brew was in the midst of being taste tested when we were offered to partake of it.
It was a very delicate brew that had hints of a an oolong and an after taste of sweetness that was only triggered at the back of the throat.
It reminded me of some of the more delicates Korean teas I have had.

Mr Kenry mentioned that it was at its taste testing stage and that there were these tiny Chrysanthemum flowers and some oolong tea in it.

Mr Kenry's ancestors were Chinese immigrants when they first arrived in Singapore during the early 1920's.
It the spirit of all immigrants his ancestor's who worked as coolies began the enterprising of tea in the early days of Singapore and has thrived and lasted to this very day.
Pek Sin Choon is the family business of Mr. Kenry.
It is the oldest tea merchant in Singapore.
He is the fourth generation tea merchant and is the oldest tea merchant in Singapore.
It was founded in 1925.
Pek Sin Choon is the largest distributor of teas particularly to the Bak Kut Teh hawkers in Singapore.
We want to thank Mr Kenry for his cups of generosity upon our impromptu visit to his store.

 Pek Sin Choon
36 Mosque Street
Singapore 059514

Operation hours: 8am to 7pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

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