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Origins of An American Classic

I'm A Little Teapot (The Teapot Song)
American classic that emerged in 1939 under Columbia Records actual title is "The Teapot Song." Clarence Kelley and George Harry Sanders authored the lyrics and music to an American score that would be sung in every household across the globe as a nursery rhyme to children. The song was picked up by the Lipton tea company as a theme song on their radio broadcast.
Clarence Kelley and his wife choreographed an accompanying dance called the "Teapot Tip" for their dance school students who could easily learn the dance.

This piece of was releases in 1939 under Columbia Records label. The song is played on a gramaphone and performed by Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights with Ronnie Kemper.  This rendition was recorded in the musical genre of its day, Big Band style. The song sold over a million copies!

Peter Pan Records released a version sung by Betty Harris in 1978.

This is a more indepth article about the "The Teapo…

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