Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tangerine Loose Puerh - Ripe

 This is a ripe Puerh tea that is fermented and aged in a Tangerine peel.
There are many types of Chen-Pi (Tangerine peel) aged Puerh.
We featured another Chen-Pi Puerh earlier this month that used Peony white tea.

The leaves are large and yield from the Yunnan region.
There are many brands out there and each connoisseur have their preference.
Featured here is the Gold Horse brand of Chen-Pi Puerh by Hoshan Tea Institute of Science and Research in China.

The tea needs to be brewed with the Tangerine peel. 
Above picture shows the tea that has been removed from the peel and then the peel is broken up and tossed well into the tea.

This particular Chen Pi is from 2008, is fermented with moderate caffeine.
Each Tangerine weighs between 18 -25 grams.
The flavor is smooth without the mustiness that can be associated with some of the Puerh that are aged in Tangerine peels.
Each Tangerine has the potential of 3-4 steeping sessions.

This cup is from the first steeping. 
The tea liquor gets stronger on the 2nd steep and with longer steeps.

This is a second steep (2 mins) a little darker.
The color is clear and red.
No tea dust at the bottom of the cup.
The leaves are high quality and the processing method shows that the leaves were not manhandled and were of choiced pickings.
There is no astringency to this tea, even with longer steepings.
The flavor had a balanced Tangerine/citrusness to it.
The scent is mild and uplifting.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kunlun Chrysanthemum and Chen-Pi Puerh Tea

After the beautiful rains that we have experienced in Southern California, the last fews days we have been experiencing an unusual weather change, the Santa Ana winds and weather conditions.
Anyone who has had the opportunity to experience this weather change will understand how drastic a change that can be because it gets really dry and uncomfortable. 
You nose and breathing passages become annihilated by this dry desert conditions, the skin become tight and you can actually feel the the moisture from your body evaporating.
Nights become uncomfortable too, because the dryness does not relent even when it gets cold.

The best remedy for these dry conditions that nature inflicts on us is drinking something hot or warm.
The tendency to drink something cold during dry and hot temperatures needs to be curtailed.
It's still winter and temperature changes needs to be monitored closely as it can compromise the immune system.
This is my combination of Chrysanthemum flowers and the Chen-Pi Puerh. 

It gives the lovely characteristics of the Tangerine Puerh and Chrysanthemum to the brew.
Quenches the thirst immediately and relaxes the nerves.

900-Year-Old Cup of Tea

Archaeologist discovered these mug shaped beakers used for a tisane that were imbibed by the ancient Chahokians.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Archaeologists discover world's oldest tea

The oldest tea in the world was discovered by Chinese archaeologists.
It was discovered as part of the grave goods of the Han Dynasty emperor.
It was dated to be about 2150 years ago.
The Han Emperor Jing Di died in 141 BC.
The tomb was discovered in the ancient capital of Chang'an present day Xi'an.
The site was discovered in the 1990's however the contents of the tomb have only been recently identified and examined by scientists.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Puerh - Tea Gold Button (Ripe) 2012

Puer wrapped in gold foil, 2012, each puerh coin weighs between 5-6 grams. 
This is a fermented, ripe and aged for 5 years. 
The tea is made from cut and tea dust compresses and aged for 4 years before it was put on the market to be sold. 

Smell: Earthy notes

Color: Dark red, clear

Taste: Smooth,earthy, with a light  coating

Body: Medium

Liquor: Medium

Stay: Even, mild, consistently coats the tongue, without a lingering finish

Leaf: Tea dusts and cut leaves

Conclusion: The tea was unimpressive to the taste buds, however, may be a good introduction for Puerh tasting. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Puerh - Mengku Hand-Rolled Ancient Tree 2014

This is a 2014 Puerh that is hand crafted and wrapped in a gold foil.
It is approximately 5 grams and for an individual Gongfu pot steeping.
If using a mug to steep, recommended to split the ball into 2.5 grams.

Mengku Puerh is about 3 years old even though this is not considered long aged it does yield a superior brew.
The leaves are premium quality, it is a ripe Puerh, that is cooked and considered fermented.
The tea leaves loosen easily by hand and is not compacted that it would break the leaves.

Mengku Tea Comany is located in Shuanjiang (Yunnan Shuang Jiang Mengku 云南双江猛库), southwest of Yunnan province near the border of Myanmar/Burma (Lincang 临沧 prefecture). 
The company was established in 1999 in Shuangjiang city (Double River). 
Their factory is Rongshi (戎氏) and so they sometimes also produce teas under the Mengku Rongshi label.

 Taste: Smooth,  roasted , aged and robust

Body: Thick

Liquor: Rich dark red

Stay: Even, and robust, consistently coats the tongue

Leaf:  cut, aged leaves

Conclusion: Astringency is non-existent. Clean earthy flavor.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Puerh - Menghai Yunhai 2007

Hand-rolled Puerh tea balls for individual brewing use. 
Each Puerh tea ball weighs 5 grams and is considered vintage 2007. 
This is a 10 year Puerh and is fermented, cooked and ripe.
The tea leaves are of  premium quality and rolled tightly but quite easy to break apart with a Puerh tea pick without shattering into dust.

Smell: Earthy, damp earth after a mild rain

Color: Dark

Taste: Smooth,  roasted , aged and robust

Body: Thick

Liquor: Rich dark red

Stay: Even, and robust, consistently coats the tongue

Leaf:  cut, aged leaves

Conclusion: Astringency is non-existent. 
Clean earth flavor. 
Excellent as a breakfast tea or as a tea that cleanses the palate after a rich meal. 
Pairs well with an English style breakfast of sausages, eggs, toast, baked beans, etc.

This Puerh exceeded all expectations. 
It could not be over-brewed and after 6 steepings still had life in it.
This would make an excellent ice tea after the 6th steep.

Put the tea dregs into a pot, add water and bring it to a simmer for 15 mins.
Then proceed to making your ice-tea.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tangerine White Tea Pu-erh - Aged

Smell: Citrus, sweet, high fresh notes

Color: Light amber, shiny, clear with a sparkle

Taste: Smooth, mildly roasted with a lingering taste of citrus peel

Body: Medium

Liquor: Medium

Stay: Even, mild, consistently coats the tongue

Leaf: Whole, downy peony white tea leaves

Conclusion: An excellent breakfast tea. Moderately mild, and smooth, awakens the senses gently, stringency is non-existent. Perfect for waking the stomach organ up i the winter ans stimulating a cleaning feel in preparation for the first meal of the day.

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