Friday, February 3, 2017

Kunlun Chrysanthemum Tisane

Chrysanthemum has many benefits for the body.
In TCM it is used for relieving heat/hot conditions, benefits the liver and eyes.
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Kunlun Chrysanthemum is grown in the high altitudes of 3000 meters on Kunlun Mountain in Gansu province, China.
The tea is harvested in late summerand used to alleviate the autumn and winter dryness.
Kunlun Chrysanthemum has more of a medicinal quality and deeper in flavor.

By itself the flower steeps a dark red brew, has notes of a rich caramel and a lingering sweetness.
 This particular Chrysanthemum is high in tea polyphenols, minerals, 18 kinds of Aminio Acids, and 15 kinds of trace elements.

First steep
Steeping Chrysanthemum flowers will alleviate the dryness and create a moisturizing environment for the body to adapt to the external changes. 

Second Steeping

On the second steeping the brew was darker and richer and had a more robust body, deeper flavor, and sweetness.
Second Brew

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