Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shui Fang/ Cha Yu - Waste Water Bowls - 茶盂

Waste water bowls are called Shui Fang or Cha Yu - water bowls. They are receptacles for used tea leaves, water and used tea brews, particularly in the Gongfu tea preparation method. In pre-Ming Dai practice, it is a bowl for storing fresh, unboiled water for tea preparation.
This is a tea tool that is part of the Gongfu tea setup as well as the Japanese Tea Ceremony.
In the English tea setup, these are called slop pots or slop basins. Their function is to collect cold tea brews, waste water as well as used tea leaves.
They are generally made of ceramic, like the traditional Zisha clays, or of porcelain with various glazes and silver.

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