Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oolong Dark Roast: Lan Tao Smoky

This is a handpicked , dark roasted , smoky oolong.

From the Lan Tao district, Taiwan.

Smell: Clean and smoky

Color: Amber and mid-golden

Taste: Very clean, with a high roasted overtone,
starts simple with a complex finish

Body: Full finish, even coating, mid tannins, cleans the palate,
lingers in the back of mouth and throat

Liquor: Subtle not strong

Stay: Even throughout

Leaf: Handpicked with 2 buds and a leaf, no bruising,
even full roast, meticulously roasted and packed

Conclusion: Wonderful tea with or after a large meal,
lingering satisfying finish

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red tea: Darjeeling Red

This tea is from Nepal.

It is hand picked and rolled.
Most of the tea plantations in Nepal are worked by women.
More often than not most Darjeeling teas are sold as black teas.
However, the tea is more of an oolong than a black tea because it goes through an incomplete oxidation, less than 90%.
Darjeeling style teas are made from the Chinese variety of Camellia Sinensis, not Camellia Assamica - Assam tea plants.
The buds of the leaves are picked, and processed to produce this particular tea.

Smell: Deep, rich with citrus overtones

Color: Full amber red

Taste: Clean, sweet with a creamy finish

Body: Light, crisp, clean and even

Liquor: Fine to refine

Stay: Low and even finish

Leaf: Handpicked and twisted, mid-roast, beautiful red color

Conclusion: Perhaps the best tea we offer that is enhanced with a citrus zest.
A high tea must, beautiful tea leaves color,
even and not overpowering when minutes turn to hours.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Red tea: Gong Ting Pu Er

This is actually classified as a red tea.

It comes from ancient tea trees in the once China's emperors' Imperial tea garden.
This is a 3-4 years aged tea.

Smell: Deep and smoky

Colour: Dark amber

Taste: Toasted, smoky, aged, very smooth and even

Body: Full, clean and light coverage

Liquor: Subtle, clean even coverage

Stay: Light on palate and mouth, deep, full in throat

Leaf: Dark fine cut with stems, full roasted

Conclusion: Full roasted, aged with delightful refined finis.
Great morning tea.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oolong: Zhang Shu Lake

This tea is harvested from tea plantations in the 1400 feet high in Taiwan.

Smell: Vegetal, green

Color: Mid golden

Taste: Vegetal, green, mild, smooth

Body: medium

Liquor: medium

Stay: Smooth in the mouth, stays on tip to mid tongue, soothing to throat and stomach

Leaf: Beautifully harvested, medium sized leaves, extremely mildly roasted

Conclusion: The tea pearls unfurl quickly.
Excellent after meal tea.
Flavor is strong.
The misty and coolness of the mountain is evident in this tea.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Green Oolong: Organic Fujian Green

Smell: Nutty, green, rich

Color: Pale green

Taste: nutty, green no bitter tannins, smooth, and even flavored

Body: Thin

Liquor: Even and light

Stay: Even, clean, tip to mid tongue, soothing to the stomach, enlivens the mouth and tongue

Leaf: Leaf tips and tender small leaves

Conclusion: A very soothing and pleasant tea to have as an everyday tea.
The flavor is smooth and has no brashness, even after the 3 rd brew.
The tea stayed consistent with further subsequent brews.
An excellent tea to use to settle a morning stomach.
Awakens the digestive enzymes to prepare for digestion and food

Friday, June 25, 2010

Green Oolong: Organic Dragon Well

Smell: Green, fresh and floral

Color: Light green
Taste: Buttery, fresh, green and floral
Body: Thin

Liquor: Light

Stay: It stays!

Leaf: Handpicked, tiny buds, whole, pressed and no oxidation

Conclusion: An exclusively favorable tasting tea.
A definite must for tea connoisseurs and special occasions.
The best tasting Long Jing we have had.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oolong : Deer Valley, Taiwan

This tea is from Taiwan, the Lu Gu Valley, where deer abound.

The area is ideal for tea growing lots of mist and green environment.
This tea yields several brews and is extremely well but minimally oxidized.

Color: Florally creamy, slight overtones of green

Smell: light yellow, clear and shiny

Taste: creamy, fresh and clean

Body: thin bodied

Liquor: Light

Stay: Clean and clean finish

Leaf: medium sized, 3 leaves with stem, machine picked

Conclusion: Pleasant, mild tasting tea, for milder days.
Excellent summer tea.
The tea yields different results with longer brewing time - a shape shifter.
Even and smooth caffeine content with no unusual spikes.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aged Oolong: Supreme Wu Yi Big Red Robe

This legendary tea that bears the name Big Red Robe was given this name during the Tang dynasty when the Emperor’s mother was healed from her ailment by drinking the tea.
The emperor later sent men out to cover the tea bushes with silken red robes as a grand imperial tribute.
This is a rare tea and supplies will last only a short while.

Smell: Nutty and rich

Color: deep amber with a red tinge, aged redwood

Taste: smooth, nutty, slippery, moistening, bursts with flavor

Body: medium

Liquor: medium

Stay: clean and clear, moistening to the mouth

Leaf: whole, large, twisted and long

Conclusion: Excellent tea for digestion.
It stimulates the salivary glands in the mouth, keeping the mouth moist and quenches the thirst.
Subsequent brews were richer in flavor.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Black tea: Organic Golden Monkey

This is an excellent organic tea.
It brews between a red and a black tea.
When brewed strong it has a mahogany color to it when light more of a red tinge.
Smell: Honey, floral with tinges of citrus

Color: Red, clear and shiny

Taste: very smooth, sweet with a floral hint, slight citrus in the back of tongue, tannins are extremely smooth and sweet

Body: Full bodied

Liquor: medium

Stay: Evenly coats the mouth and stays well, flavor of the tea lingers more on the tongue

Leaf: fine, curly, downy buds, dark with golden strands and tips, fermented evenly and roasted

Conclusion: The scent is reminiscent of a honey Dan Cong tea. This tea was savored after a Dim Sum breakfast.
It was like having dessert. Although some felt that it was not a substitute for a sugary sweet dessert.
It cleansed the palate and stimulated the digestion rapidly. Subsequent brews were quite flavorful.

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