Sunday, October 23, 2016

Vintage Puer 2010 Rice Scented Toucha

Each Puer ball weighs between 4-5 grams.
It brews a rich red liquor, smooth flavor and aromatic.
The rice is scented with with Pandan leaves (screwpine leaves - Panadanus amaryillfolius).
If you are familiar with Thai desserts and desserts from the Malay Archipelago islands, most of them are flavored and scented with this herb. 
Highly intoxicating and calming.
The tea leaves are loose leaves of premium quality and  compacted to make these individual balls of tea. 
In the puer classification this is a ripe/fermented - indicating aged tea, hence the seller (PuerhShop) calls it a Vintage tea 2010.

We brewed it in a teapot, Gongfu style and it yielded about 2 1/2 good brews.
We will attempt to brew this tea in a Gaiwan as we think the brew would yield a far more flavorful and intense flavor.

Recommended brewing by seller is Gongfu in a teapot with boiling water. 
Steep the tea for 15 seconds and pour off the waste water.
Then  refill the teapot with more hot water and steep 20 seconds, this is your first drinking brew.
With Puer teas it is highly recommended to pour the brew from the teapot into a Justice cup.
This will allow for a more even flavored brew.
Sellar recommends with each subsequent brew the steeping time steeped longer 30 seconds for the 3rd, 60 seconds for the 4th and 120 seconds for the 5th brew.
However for those who prefer stronger brews, steep longer. 

We at Tea Horse Caravan like out Puers full bodied and robust and have a tendency to steep long for subsequent steeps after the initial drinking brew.
Also, we tend to extract the Puer brew until it is completely spent.

Color - dark Amber, clear, clean and sparkle
Scent: Earthy, roasted rice, sweet, fragrant
Flavor: sweet, roasted rice and smooth clean finish
Liquor: thick and rich

After finish is cleansing for the palate. Excellent digestive

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