Monday, October 14, 2013

Osmanthus Tisanes

Health Benefits:
•    Moisturize Skin
•    Reduce Bad Breath
•    Remove Phlegm from Throats
•    Improve Digestion
•    Improve Lung Health
•    Treat Intestinal Diseases
•    Enhance Eyesight
•    Quench Thirst
•    Relieve Stomach Pain
•    Remove Body Toxins
•    Quench Thirst
•    Reduce Stomach & Intestinal Gas
•    Bring water to a boil.
•    Use 1/2 tsp per 8oz. of water
•    Pour boiling water over the flowers
•    Steep 3 minutes

•    1oz tea makes approx 75 cups (Chinese style teacups)
May be used to blend with teas and other tisanes
•    Or use in cooking

Non - Caffeinated

Ingredient: Osmanthus Flower

Taste: A full-body tea, mildly sweet, delicate in flavor. 
This rare flower from Asia gives a mildly rich taste while finishing with a lightly sweetened floral flavor.

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