Sunday, August 10, 2014

LACMA - Neoclassical British Silver Tea Service

These tea  artifacts are on exhibit at the Los Angeles County of Museum of Art.

 Neoclassical British late 18th to early 19th century

Paul de Lamerie
England, 1688-1751

Kettle and Stand 1736-1737

Tea Caddies and Sugar Box
Silver , 1747-1748

John Swift
England, 1728 -1773
Tea Urn

John Payne 
England, 1740-1799
 Coffee pot
Silver with wood

Lewis Herne 
England, 1755-1822
Coffee pot
Silver and ivory, 1757

Samuel Courtauld I
England,  1720-1765
Chocolate Pot
Silver and Fruitwood, 1750-1751

John Walker
England, mid 18th century
Sugar Bowl, mid 18th century

England, mid 18th century

Paul Storr
England, 1771-1844
Silver Tea and Coffee Service, 1809-1810

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