Monday, March 11, 2013

Coffee Cups and Saucers

The coffee cup is made in three sizes, namely, the regular-size coffee cup, the after-dinner coffee cup, and the demitasse cup. 
The regular-size coffee cup is used at informal meals, the after-dinner coffee cup at elegant informal affairs, and the demitasse cup at formal occasions.

Coffee is a beverage usually served from early morning to late evening.
The size of the cup is determined by the time of day it is served.
Size of cup is determined along with the strength of the brew. 
Coffee with a brisk taste, a light body, and a high caffeine content is served as a stimulant.
Therefore, a beverage that is served at breakfast and lunch in a large cup. 

Coffee with a strong taste, heavy body, and a low caffeine content is served as a digestive. 
This style of coffee is usually served following a multi­course meal such as after dinner. 
Coffee styles like Turkish, Cubano or Expresso are usually served is demitasse or smaller cups.

Coffee is at its peak flavor when served extremely hot. 
To conserve the heat, the cup features a cylinder shape, taller than wide, a size approximately 2 ½ inches in height by 3 inches in diameter. 
The companion saucer measures around 6 to 6 ½ inches across.


After-dinner coffee is a strong-flavored brew with a low caffeine content.
This is served to stimulate digestion at an elegant multi-course meal. 
The smallish cup measures approximately 2 3/8 inches in height by 2 ½ inches in diameter and holds approximately 3 ounces. 
The companion saucer is about 4 ¾ to 5 inches across.
 Rather than interrupt good conversation and take coffee in another room, after-dinner coffee is often served at the dinner table.


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