Monday, June 3, 2013

A Teacup Repair Job - Part 1

This particular cup comes with a teapot, 4 teacups, a justice pot - all made in Taiwan by a well known artisan.
It is a collector's item. 
This set has travelled from Taiwan to California to Canada and back to California.
In it's last journey it encountered a slight mishap.
One of the cups chipped and the handle of the teapot broke in 2 and snapped of the body of the teapot.
The teapot is in the midst of repair - photos to follow.
This however is the repair job for the chipped teacup.
I did my best!

The chip at the lip of the teacup was unfortunate but this is its journey back from the Land of Broken Things.


These are the tools I used.
Acquired from the manicure/pedicure section of any department store.
A coarse grit nail file, a medium grit nail file and a Buffer cube for the finishing touches.

This is after some filing with the coarse and medium grit file. 
I started with a medium grit then to the coarse and back to the medium.

Proceeded with a coarse file on this to get the deep nicks out of the chip.
The chip in the teacup itself was rather odd - it was almost gouged.

This was the finished work after filing, and buffing.
The cup is currently soaking in some strong Puer tea to create a blending into the glaze.
Since the glaze is a crackelee finish, the hope is to make the repair work disappear.
Will post finished repair when teacup is done curing.

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