Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Items: Shui Fang - Waste Water Bowl

This is a horse hair style of pottery.
The decoration is done through an application of horsehair and other dry carbonaceous material to the already heated bisque pottery of 480 -700 degrees C. 
This creates smoke patterns and carbon trails on the surface of the pottery.
 When the object cools it leaves a trail of the carbonaceous material.
It is considered a form of Western style Raku pottery ware.
The technique uses Raku style kilns, tools and firing methods.
 Although it uses a pit fired and primitive firing techniques. 

This pot measures at Height 5 3/4 in x Diameter 5 1/4 in x Circumference 17 in
An excellent and beautiful piece for a Shui Fang.

Raku pottery is a 16th century pottery technique from Japan used to make Japanese tea ceremony utensils.
It is characterized by hand shaped, fairly porous vessels, which result from low firing temperatures. 
In the traditional Japanese process, the pottery pieces are removed from the hot kiln, cooled in the open air or in a container filled with combustible carbonaceous material.

This particular piece of pottery was acquired in the Southwest in New Mexico.
Hand made by the local artist.
It makes an ideal Sui Fang - waste water bowl for your Chinese Gong Fu Tea setup.


This particular piece is also from New Mexico, the Southwest of the US.
It has the following dimensions - Height 5 1/4 in x Diameter 5 1/4 in x Circumference 18 in
It makes an excellent Shui Fang as well.
The meaning of the symbols that are usually found on Native American pottery are circulars and feathers.
Circulars feathers usually mean the sun or the Creator. 
The Creator or sun are usually represented in the circular design.
Feathers are symbols of prayers, marks of honor idea sources. 
Their use represents the creative force and closeness to the Creator.

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