Sunday, January 22, 2017

Puerh - Menghai Yunhai 2007

Hand-rolled Puerh tea balls for individual brewing use. 
Each Puerh tea ball weighs 5 grams and is considered vintage 2007. 
This is a 10 year Puerh and is fermented, cooked and ripe.
The tea leaves are of  premium quality and rolled tightly but quite easy to break apart with a Puerh tea pick without shattering into dust.

Smell: Earthy, damp earth after a mild rain

Color: Dark

Taste: Smooth,  roasted , aged and robust

Body: Thick

Liquor: Rich dark red

Stay: Even, and robust, consistently coats the tongue

Leaf:  cut, aged leaves

Conclusion: Astringency is non-existent. 
Clean earth flavor. 
Excellent as a breakfast tea or as a tea that cleanses the palate after a rich meal. 
Pairs well with an English style breakfast of sausages, eggs, toast, baked beans, etc.

This Puerh exceeded all expectations. 
It could not be over-brewed and after 6 steepings still had life in it.
This would make an excellent ice tea after the 6th steep.

Put the tea dregs into a pot, add water and bring it to a simmer for 15 mins.
Then proceed to making your ice-tea.

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