Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Puerh - Tea Gold Button (Ripe) 2012

Puer wrapped in gold foil, 2012, each puerh coin weighs between 5-6 grams. 
This is a fermented, ripe and aged for 5 years. 
The tea is made from cut and tea dust compresses and aged for 4 years before it was put on the market to be sold. 

Smell: Earthy notes

Color: Dark red, clear

Taste: Smooth,earthy, with a light  coating

Body: Medium

Liquor: Medium

Stay: Even, mild, consistently coats the tongue, without a lingering finish

Leaf: Tea dusts and cut leaves

Conclusion: The tea was unimpressive to the taste buds, however, may be a good introduction for Puerh tasting. 

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