Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kunlun Chrysanthemum and Chen-Pi Puerh Tea

After the beautiful rains that we have experienced in Southern California, the last fews days we have been experiencing an unusual weather change, the Santa Ana winds and weather conditions.
Anyone who has had the opportunity to experience this weather change will understand how drastic a change that can be because it gets really dry and uncomfortable. 
You nose and breathing passages become annihilated by this dry desert conditions, the skin become tight and you can actually feel the the moisture from your body evaporating.
Nights become uncomfortable too, because the dryness does not relent even when it gets cold.

The best remedy for these dry conditions that nature inflicts on us is drinking something hot or warm.
The tendency to drink something cold during dry and hot temperatures needs to be curtailed.
It's still winter and temperature changes needs to be monitored closely as it can compromise the immune system.
This is my combination of Chrysanthemum flowers and the Chen-Pi Puerh. 

It gives the lovely characteristics of the Tangerine Puerh and Chrysanthemum to the brew.
Quenches the thirst immediately and relaxes the nerves.

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