Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green tea versus oolong tea

Green tea and oolong tea

Green tea is usually unfermented,
raw tea.
Oolong is fully fermented and cured tea.
Oolong means black dragon.

There are 2 categories within this classification.

They are what is commonly also known
as green oolong and black oolong.
The green oolong is also commonly and rather loosely termed as green tea.
How green oolong is achieved is dependent on the tea master
who handles the processing.
Unlike coffee crops that are sold prior to harvest, tea crops are sold only
after the tea is harvested,
processed and the taste test is conducted.
The final product sold is dependent on the quality of the end product.
Therefore, the tea quality is dependent on factors like weather, seasons
and the final processing by the tea maker.
Freshly roasted green oolong is vacuum packed to preserve its freshness.
Black oolong is achieved by re-roasting the old green oolong.

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