Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taiwan High Mountain Tea

This would depend on the strength of tea desired and style of brewing.
Taiwan High Mountain Tea is known as Gao Shan oolong cha.
This is the top of the oolong tea world.
It is the best of the best.
These tea plants were brought over by the fleeing Ming dynasty supporters to Taiwan in the 17th century.
They came from the Fukkien province of China during the Manchu dynasty takeover.
These tea plants have been cultivated for over 350 years in the Highlands of Taiwan.
They are considered the best in the tea world and the favorite among tea connoisseurs.
This is a semi-fermented tea.
It retains retains all of the nutrients and antioxidants
contained in unfermented green tea.
It goes through a brief brief fermentation process eliminating harsh
irritants from the raw tea.
Subtle fragrances and flavors are retained and enhanced,
which distinguishes this tea from all other varieties.
It contains the least amount of tannins when compared to fully fermented teas.
The cultivation and appreciation of High Mountain Oolong is unique with each plantation as well as each mountain producing its own distinctive bouquet of flavors, and each year's harvest yielding its own special character influenced by the weather and seasons.

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