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Tea Dictionary

Brazier - a bronze, ceramic or clay vessel holding burning coals for heating a kettle or to cook on

Bodhidharma - Bodhidharma was a Buddhist monk from southern India.

He lived during the early 5th century and is traditionally credited as the transmitter of Zen Buddhism (Chinese: Chán) to China.

Cha - tea

Camellia Thea Sinensis - Latin name forthe tea plant.

Shui fang/Crucible/Slop pot - for disposing tea water, tea leaves, used when tea tray is too small, in pre-Ming dynasty, it was a water container used to store unboiled water for tea.

Chawan- tea bowl

Cha Yi - Art of Tea

Cha Tao 茶道 - Way of tea

Cha dao  茶道 (君子六件套) - tea implements consisting of typical set will include 6 items: a scoop, a pick, a pair of tongs, a funnel, a scraper and tool holder.

Cha Chi 茶匙 tea scraper, lit 'tea spoon,' for nudging tea into the teapot

Chado- Way of Tea

Cha chuan - tea boat or teapot stand

Cha chen - platform for teapot, for preparing Gongfu tea; overflow of water flows into the Cha chen

Cha diao 茶雕 - tea pick

Cha gang  茶缸- tea leaf jar

Cha Hai - Means tea sea (see Justice cup)

Cha He 茶荷  - presentation vessel

 Cha ji 茶几 - small tea table

Cha jin  茶巾- tea cloth for wiping spills and drops

Cha jia 茶夾 - tea tongs

Cha lou  茶漏 - tea funnel

Cha lou - tea house
Cha Ren - tea person dedicated to the art and craft of drinking tea

Cha pan - bamboo tea tray

Cha shao 茶勺 - tea scoop

Cha tong  茶通 - tea open(er) 
Chashitsu - room designed and designated for tea ceremony

Cha qi 茶器 - teaset

Cha qi 茶器 - vital energy of tea

Cha qi - brewed tea 

Cha zha chi 茶渣匙 - tea dregs scraper, for cleaning out a teapot

Cha ze 茶則 -  'tea chooser' 
Chasen- tea whisk

Chashaku - tea scoop

Cha Ji - full tea presentation with a meal

Chaki - tea caddy

Chakin - tea cloth

Chamasi - tea and horse office

Chamagudao - tea and horse road in Chinese

Chamadao - the tea and horse road

Cha Xi - Tea setups/ the decor and stylized implement placements by the Tea Master/ sometimes mistakenly also known as a Water Bowl for GongFu teacups

Darjeeling - a town in the state of West Bengal in India

Fair cup - see Justice pot

Funnel - for channelling tea leaves into the teapot

Furogama - a Japanese brazier used in a tea ceremony

Gaiwan - A three piece porcelain set up to brew tea, consisting of a lid, handleless cup and saucer; its a covered bowl.

Gaibei - is a covered cup, smaller size than a gaiwan

Gong Fu Cha- Old man's tea, a brewing method.

Green tea - One of the 7 classifications of tea. Hishaku - bamboo water ladle

Justice cup- For equal distribution of brewed tea from the standpoint concerntration of the infusion.

Ju Zhong - means a brewing cup

Kama - kettle

Koryo- is a small Korean infuser that is made up of a cup, infuser basket, and a round saucer that doubles as a base or a lid. It is made from clay and is often glazed inside and out.

Kyusu teapot - A Japanese style teapot with the handles placed on the side that resembles an old chinese herb pot

Mizusashi -jar for containing water/water vessel

Monkey Pick- An oolong tea.

Matcha - finely powdered Japanese green tea

Oolong - One of the 7 classifications of tea.

Pincers - Used for removing tea sediments from the teapot.

Prefecture-level city - An urban centre with a non-rural population over 250,000 with the gross output of value of industry of 200,000,000 RMB; with the economic output of the tertiary industry superseding that of the primary industry, thereby contributing to over 35% of the GDP. Renminbi - The renminbi is the currency of the People's Republic of China. The principal unit is the yuan , subdivided into 10 jiao , each of 10 fen .

Shui fang   - water bowls for used and spent tea leaves and tea brews; a waste receptacle for tea leaves and tea / sometimes also used for fresh water to brew tea with          

Shui xi - 水洗 - waste water bowls like a Shui Fang       

Southern Silk Road - Was a winding network/paths of mule/horse caravans going through the mountains of Yunnan Province into the Southwest of China. This, over a thousand years ago was the land trade link from the city of Chang'an (Xi'an) towards the Indian Ocean. This road is commonly known as The tea and horse road. Economic trade goods carried along this route were tea and horses, rarely silk.      

 Tea- A liquid infusion made from the Camellia Thea Sinensis plant.       

 Tea and horse road - This is also known as Chamagudao, the oldest horse caravan trade route in Asia spanning from Southwest China - Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, running along the eastern foothills of the mountain ranges Hengduan (China's centre of tea production) crossing this mountain range and deep canyons of the Yalong and Jingsa rivers (tributeries of the upper yangtze river), the Lancang (tributary of the Mekong River), the Nu (Salween) and then spanning across the two highest plateaus Qinghai in Tibet and Yunnan-Guizhou in China, into south of the Himalayas in India.          

Tea Flush- Refers to picking of teas          

Tea receptacle - For showing tea leaves.         

Tea pitcher - see Justice cup        

Tit Kuan Yin - an oolong tea associated with a legend of a tea plantation         

Tsukubai- stone basin          

White tea - One of the 7 classifications of tea.

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