Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aged Oolong: Phoenix Honey Orchid Dan Cong

Feng Huang Dan Cong tea varietals come from trees that old tea trees that range in 150 to 900 years old.
They are famed for their characteristic to naturally absorb the flavors, essences of the surrounding flora like flowers and fruits.
Dan cong implies single bush teas or single bush productions.
These tea trees are single trunk trees that grow straight and tall with a canopy like an umbrella.

Smell: Deep, gentle honey fragrance with floral overtones

Color: Light amber, clear, glistening.
The color stays consistent with the 4th and 5th brewing with extremely slight variations in hues revealing golden tones.

Taste: Light, smooth and even tannins, followed with a high bittersweet after taste

Body: Medium viscosity, fluid, clear

Liquor: Light to medium intensity, revealing the sweetness as it passes through the tongue.

Stay: Even and consistent stay within the cheeks and tongue.
Flows smoothly like melting honey in the back of the throat and spreads into the chest cavity.

Conclusion: Intoxicating.
It brews several times, each with its own distinctions revealing the depth of the varietals.
The leaves brew best in a red clay teapot with medium thickness to its walls.
The tea color stays consistent after 4 brews.
An excellent tea for the cultivated taste buds.
Deep but gentle, primal, ancient, provokes calmness and deep thoughts.

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