Friday, July 2, 2010

White teas: Nepal Darjeeling White

This tea is grown and processed in Nepal in the Darjeeling style of teas.

White and green teas are becoming more popular
in the Indian continent tea plantations.
This Nepalese white tea is very fluffy and light.
The tea leaves are picked and rolled by hand.
It is withered in the sun and is a quite rare.
The weather and elevation of Nepalese tea plantations is ideal for tea growing.

Smell: Lively, fresh with light citrus overtones

Color: Mid-amber, full, beautiful deep hue

Taste: Crisp and clean, even with light citrus finish

Body: Sweet, complete and covers evenly

Liquor: High tone

Stay: Heavy on the palate, lighter throughout the mouth,
lighter in the throat

Leaf: Young, clean downy buds, light roast, delicate scent

Conclusion: Perfect start of the day tea.
Will pair well with custard or any dessert containing high cream content.
One of the few teas we would suggest served with a citrus zest.

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