Thursday, July 1, 2010

Puer: Yunnan Tea Cake - 10 years old

Puer tea is usually compressed tea made from processed

tea leaves that have been compressed into molds of different shapes.
This tea is usually made from the broad leaf
tea tree Camellia sinensis var. Assamica.

Smell: Deep, earthy, reminiscent of a damp forest

Color: Exquisite dark, deep carnelian, through and through

Taste: Smooth, even with a high finish on palate;
rest high on palate with gentle tannins

Body: Thick and full

Liquor: Light, full with fineness

Stay: Very smooth, subtle and sweet finish,
even mid-tongue to the back of palate and tongue

Leaf: Fully roasted, fermented leaves and stems,
non-powdery or dusty

Conclusion: tannins are smooth and hardly noticeable,
non-complex, smooth but unique in its simplicity.
Aged evenly and perfectly stored.
Wonderful with meals or after meals.
A great reviver during mid-day or a pick -me-up in the morning.

Excellent substitute for coffee.

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