Monday, July 5, 2010

Aged Oolong: Supreme Phoenix Dan Cong Honey Iris

This tea comes from the Guan Dong region from the Phoenix Mountains where there are priceless tea trees that range in ages of 150 to 900 years old.

They yield the most unique flavors due to their age and cultivar.
These trees have roots that burrow deep into the earth of the mountain and absorb the natural minerals as well as the essence of the floral of the surrounding area.
The harvested leaves are done by hand and processed by hand.
The yields from these trees are small and consequently rare.

Smell: Sweet, floral overtones

Color: Light golden yellow, shiny and clear

Taste: Floral and sweet

Body: Medium

Liquor: Even and light

Stay: Long, evenly coats the tongue and lingering

Leaf: Long, whole, twisted, beautiful aging

Conclusion: A lovely tea that reveals its honey characteristic extremely well.

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