Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tea strainers - clarity and color

The tea strainer is crucial in recognizing the true color and clarity of a tea.
This is most especially because visuals affect the taste of tea. 
The best tea strainers are usually made of silver or gold.
Metals particularly silver and gold have been known to the ancients to impart health benefits to the drinker.
This is the ancient practice of oligodynamic - the concept of  microbiocidal properties of  metals at minute concentrations, had anti microbial properties that could prevent diseases 
and increase the immune system response.
Nonetheless, for those of us still looking for the perfect strainer to match the perfect budget, 
a strainer make of clay composites and lined with the finest gauge of silk will have to suffice for now.
These strainers will remove the finest particulate that could be floating and mar the visuals of a perfectly brewed cup.


  1. Where can I purchase these beautiful strainers? I couldn't find them on your site

    1. The strainers are currently on re-order and will be on site within 2 weeks. Please let me know how many you would like and I will reserve them for you. Thank you.


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