Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tea and Teacups - part 2

In tea culture, tea aficionados choose tea cups according to the color of the tea.

         Light-yellow oolong/Yellow tea - white ceramic tea cups with a decorative pattern (especially gold pattern)

         For bohea tea/Wu Yi style teas (the color is a little deeper than oolong tea) simple white ceramic cups are most suitable.

         For black tea (with a bright transparent red color) celadon stye tea cups are best.

    Green tea simple teacups are best.

Appreciating the tea leaves unfolding in the water is another enjoyment during tasting green tea.

        Yellow tea glazed ceramic cups are best.

      White tea (similar to a variety of oolong tea: Tit-guanyin) use simple white ceramic cups for deep-color tea, and cups with a light color and decorative pattern for light-color tea.

Dark tea - light-color tea cups to highlight the deep-color of the tea.

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