Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teacups, Coffee cups and Hot Coco cups part 4

Expresso cup

 The cup has evolved itself into seven functions made into different volume capacity.
A cupful usually measures at 4 ounces.
Sizes of cups are determined by the time of day the beverage is served, the potency - strength of the beverage and whether the beverage is thick or thin.

Demitasse for Turkish Coffee

The cup is made in seven sizes, each with a different volume capacity:
          Breakfast cup
          Coffee cup
          Chocolate cup
          After-dinner coffee cup
  Demitasse cup

Large cups and mugs 

  made to serve thin, hot beverages during breakfast and lunch
E.g. - coffee, tea, cocoa, or cider on a cold afternoon.

Modern hot coco mug
Small cups 
  • made to serve strong-tasting beverages 
  • E.g. - espresso,  drinks with a thick consistency - hot chocolate made from paste and potent drinks made with alcohol - grog. 

Turkish Coffee Serving Set

Vintage hot coco cups

·       Regardless of size, cups and mugs are filled approximately three-quarters full, except for the demitasse cup, which is filled half full.

Coffee cup


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