Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tea and Tranquility - Cha Dao (茶道)

Cha Dao (茶道) is the tea ceremony.
 It combines the art of brewing tea as well as tasting tea.
It can be done in a ritualized, formal way or in a more relaxed atmosphere.
It can bee somewhat of a performance from the preparation up to the point of serving.
It is also about etiquette, the beauty, skill and finesse of the teaware.

A tea leaf may seem like nothing to some and just a commodity to others.
However, to the aficionados of tea it brings them much pleasure and tranquility - a respite from the monotony of a busy day.
It offers more than the comfort of a hot beverage and a caffeine kick.
Tea art of preparing and brewing tea - Cha Dao, is a form of meditation, a practice in the refining of the the senses of smell and taste.
Re-focusing on the need to rejuvenate the self so that one can continue to be useful and productive to loved ones, family and community.

Cha Dao does not have to be elaborate.
The space just has to be quiet, where it can evoke a sense of relaxation.
The accoutrement need would be a teapot, a cup, hot water and a favorite tea.
Cha Dao is a lifestyle, it can be enjoyed by anyone who needs unwinding and relaxation.

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