Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scented Oolong Tea: Milk

This tea has a scent of milk.
This is achieved by watering the tea plants
with a milk mixture 2-4 weeks prior to harvest.
When the tea is harvested and processed,
the end product is a tea that yield a light milk taste and scent.

Smell: Full, thick with slight milk overtones.
Unusual for a lightly roasted tea.

Colour: Light to mid-golden ,clear
Taste: Light and delicate with a milky first impression
to light roasted mild finish

Body: Light and sharp with a clear beginning and well balanced finish

Liquor: Subtle and light coat

Stay: Even through mouth and across palate

Leaf: Single leaf, no bruising, lightly roasted

Conclusion: Tea time tea! Pairs well with sweet and savory treats.
Great also as an after meal dessert tea.

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