Friday, May 14, 2010

Green Oolong: Organic Gunpowder

This is a semi fermented tea.

Oolong means black dragon.
The processing is a combination of techniques used for green and black teas.
After curing, the appearance of the leaves will vary from tightly curled rolls or fine, round, twisted and with a
green luster.
Have properties to emulsify fat and cholesterol.

Organic Gunpowder Green Oolong, China,
(Swiss/German organic certification)
Smell: Light and non-distinctive
Color: Mid yellow
Taste: Slightly roasted, medium range
Body: Light, medium and flat
Liquor: Light to mid coverage
Stay: Mid tongue, consistent, uniform
Leaf: full, machine cut, clean, light roast
Conclusion: Pleasant, well balanced, light, non-complicated, good daily tea.
Great introductory tea.

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