Monday, May 17, 2010

Scented Green Tea: Vietnam Lotus

This tea is from Vietnam.
It is a green tea commonly called a Vietnamese green tea ( a category in its own class).
The tea is grown, picked and processed in Vietnam.
This is a specialty of the Vietnam tea industry.
It is scented with the lotus flower (Nelumbo Nucifera).
The processing of this tea is made by either one of these methods - tea leaves are packed tightly into lotus flowers and leaving them overnight or the stamens from the lotus flowers are pulled out and then packed in jars with tea leaves, overnight or roasted with tea leaves.
The process is repeated several times to increase the scent.
High in anti-oxidants.
This is a very ancient process to scent the tea.
The best way to brew this tea is using cooler brewing temperatures (160 deg. F) and short standing time.
Smell: Deep sensual fragrance that arouses the senses.

Colour: Light amber hue

Taste: Floral burst to perfect transition, with a high tannin
finish across the palate and mouth.

Body: Unusual and exotic.

Liquor: Even, full, strong, elevating

Stay: Even across the palate and mouth

Leaf: Machine cut, very light roast, perfectly aged with lotus stamens.

Conclusion: Very calming, low caffeine.
Sensual, fragrant, very complex for a green tea.
Recovery tea - bath - bedtime - ideal.

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