Monday, February 20, 2012

A Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

At traditional Chinese weddings, Tea Ceremony is an equivalent of exchange of vows at a western wedding ceremony.  This official ritual is still widely practiced at modern Chinese weddings on the wedding day, either at home or at the reception.
When the bride leaves her home with the groom to his house, a "Good Luck Woman"  will hold a red umbrella over her head, meaning "raise the bark, spread the leaves." This "good luck woman" should be someone who is blessed with a good marriage, healthy children and husband and living parents.  Other relatives will scatter rice, red bean and green bean in front of her. The red umbrella protects the bride from evil spirit, and the rice and beans are to attract the attention of the gold chicken.

Traditional herbs and dried fruits with well meanings are selected for the sweet tea, which symbolizes a warm and sweet beginning of a new life.

Newlyweds kneel in front of parents presenting tea.  A Good Luck Woman making the tea says auspicious phrases to bless the family.

Newlyweds also present tea to each other, raising the tea cups high to show respect before presenting to each other.

Those who receive the tea usually give the bride gifts such as jewelry or Li Shi money wrapped in red envelope. 

Tea Ceremony is an official ritual to introduce the newlyweds to each other's family, and it's a way for newlyweds to show respect and appreciation to their parents.  The newlyweds kneel in front of their parents, serving tea to both side of parents, as well as elder close relatives.  Parents give their words of blessing and gifts to the newlyweds.  During  tea presentation, a "Good Luck Woman" would say auspicious phrases to bless the newlyweds and the parents.  These auspicious words of blessing are almost a lost art nowadays, that are designed to bless and amuse the family and make the occasion filled with fun and joy.
China Bridal offers a Tea Ceremony Service Package which includes culture consultation such as coordinating sequence of event, offering auspicious words of blessing during the tea presentation. The Tea Ceremony Service Package also includes but not limited to designer tea set, freshly made tea, lavish linen, traditional music, incense, etc. 

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