Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grandma's Tea - Apo Cha

Grandma's Tea (Apo Tea) is a kind of folk custom handed down from the ancient time in the water country of Shangta Town in the west of the Dianshan Lake of Shanghai's suburb Qingpu. The farmers especially the old women in rural area like visiting each other and sitting around tables in the halls or sheds of the farmers, with salted amaranth, dried turnip, jiusu bean and other local and special products. They chew the rag while drinking the tea, they talk about strange stories and family affairs. Though they are busy in talking, they do not stop doing the needlework. This ethical vogue of receiving others with tea, which can promote the exchange of thoughts and affection and the harmonious friendship, has become a custom in Shangta town as the time passes.

By Explore Cultural China

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