Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tea Liquor - Cocktail

The tea liquor is the perfect combination of tea and liquor. The drinker only needs to prepare several simple materials and make the tea liquor himself according to his own taste and needs. Here is the way how to make the “Oriental tea liquor”.

 green tea (such as the Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip, Longjing tea and Xinyang Maojian tea)
pineapple pieces

  •  select and use moderate amount of materials according to the number of drinkers and their drinking habits
  •  wash clean the raisins and put them into the wine glass together with the pineapple pieces and the brandy 
  •   then pour in the prepared tea
  • when the temperature of the water drops to around 30℃
  • stir the honey into the cup until well-combined
  •  It is all up to you whether to add in the fennel and ice blocks according to your own tastes and habits of drinking.
With low alcohol contents, the tea liquor is rich in tea polyphenol, theine and vitamin C, which are able to invigorate the spleen, refresh one and quench one's thirst.

By Explore Cultural China

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