Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yellow Mountain Maofeng Cha

Produced in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea is the nonesuch among all types of green tea in China. The raw material is picked in Yellow Mountain and the newly made tea leaves are covered with coats of pekoe, hereby the name “Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea”. The tea trees are mainly distributed around the Peachblossom Peak (Taohuafeng) which is featured by high altitude, dense forest, short daytime, thick mist and other predominant natural conditions. Top quality tea leaves are obtained by virtue of the moistening of cloud and mist as well as nonexistence of extreme weather.
Fresh Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea is usually fabricated during the Qingming Festival by selectively picking tea shoots and then getting them steamed, rolled and baked in the same day. This processing method can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty and has bearing on the Cloud-mist Tea. There are numerous renowned springs on the Yellow Mountain which are ideal to brew Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea for the purpose of obtaining top taste.

Yellow Mountain Maofeng Tea is featured by slightly coiled leaves, slender starwort-like shape, yellowish green, unveiled silver pekoe, and golden jannum. After brewing it in boiled water, the steam will arise and linger above the yellowish clear green liquor. The liquor is sweetish mellow and emits orchid fragrance, with the leaves presenting yellowish green and providing lingering charm.
Other than Maofeng tea, Yellow Mountain also produces a wide range of famous tea such as “Tunlv” of Xiuning County, “Houkui” of Taiping County and “Laozhu Dafang” of Shexian County. They are all endowed with unique features and famous far and wide.

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