Friday, June 15, 2012

How to drink Chrysanthemum tisane

Chrysanthemum tisanes can be enjoyed in many ways according to different needs.
Chamomile with pleasant faint scent, or especially the White Chrysanthemum produced in Suzhou and Hangzhou, is a good choice for making tisanes. Put four or five granules of tea leaves in a transparent glass, which is a best choice for steeping chrysanthemum tisanes, add some boiled water and you can enjoy it in two or three minutes. The tisanes liquid may gradually become yellowish after a while when the water is cooler. Remember not to drink it up at a time, but to leave 1/3 in the glass and add some new water for drinking after a while.
You can also add some sugar candies into the chrysanthemum tisanes to bring out a sweeter flavor. Actually no other tea is needed when preparing the chrysanthemum tisanes. It is a good drink for both summer (hot beverage) and winter (icy beverage), and all you need to do is to steep or boil the dry chrysanthemums.

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