Monday, June 11, 2012

A unique tea custom among women

Wuyi Mountain in Southeast China is where the famous Oolong Tea is grown. Since ancient times, people who live in Wuyi Mountain have been good at growing, making and appreciating tea. Accordingly, many tea drinking customs evolved with time. A unique custom only observed by women exists in Wutun village in the Wuyi Mountain area.
The women's tea drinking custom here differs a lot from those in other places. Instead of drinking tea out of small teacups, the women use big bowls. The tealeaves they use to make tea are nothing extraordinary, and they boil their tea in a large teapot.
What sets their tea drinking ceremony apart is that only women are allowed to take part in. They take turns to host their tea drinking parties. On such an occasion, the hostess will prepare dishes for others to taste, displaying her talent in cooking.
They made toasts to each other using tea instead of wine while they talk. In the past, they had only dishes with tofu, peanuts and so on. With the development of the economy, their tea banquets have become much more elaborate.
This tea drinking custom not only helps women communicate among themselves, but also promotes peace and harmony in their neighborhood. It functions as a women's committee. It is said that this women-oriented tea custom has been around for more than 1,000 years here in the Wuyi Mountain area.

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