Saturday, August 25, 2012

Porcelain from Famous Kilns in the Tang Dynasty

Duck-shaped water dropper in white glaze with incised floral design, Xing ware
Length: 13.2cm  Height: 7.3cm  Diameter of mouth: 7.4 * 5.6cm
Incense burner with three feet, white glaze, Xing ware

Height: 5.6cm  Diameter of mouth: 3.9cm  Spacing of feet: 4.9cm
White glazed bowl, Ding ware

Height: 3.6cm  Diameter of mouth: 12.5cm  Diameter of foot: 5.2cm
Mallow-petal bowl in white glaze, Ding ware

Height: 3.7cm  Diameter of mouth: 12.6cm  Diameter of foot: 5.4cm
Green glazed bowl with a petal-shaped mouth, Yue ware

Height: 3.6cm  Diameter of mouth: 14.lcm  Diameter of bottom: 6.5cm

By Explore Cultural China

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