Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tea Painting: He Lay on Ice in Search of Carp

Medium: black tea soup
Title: Lie on Ice for Carps

Wáng Xiáng lived during the Jìn dynasty. 
He lost his mother at an early age. His stepmother, Zhū, was unloving and unkind towards him. 
She  unceasingly spoke ill of Wang Xiang to his father.
Wang Xiang's father believed her and as a consequence, Wng Xiang lost the love of his father too. one of his step-mother's favorite food was to eat fresh fish. 
However, during one very cold winter the river froze. 
Wang Xiáng loosened his clothes and lay on the ice. His intention was to melt the ice so he could fish. Suddenly the ice opened up by itself and a pair of carp leaped out. 
He caught the pair of carp.
Wang Xiang returned home  and served them to his stepmother. 

A famous verse immortalizes his deed:

We have seen stepmothers before,
But never a Wáng Xiáng,
Until today upon the river, when
He left us a model by lying on the ice.

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