Friday, April 20, 2012

Cha Dao Utensils: Tea Funnels - Cha lou 茶漏

This utensil is for channeling tea leaves into the teapot. This reduces spilling and waste of tea leaves. Also, it reduces the contact with fingers as oils and contaminants from the hand will change the the taste of the tea. 
The shape of this utensil is usually cylindrical to direct the flow of the tea leaves into the teapot and prevent overflowing. This is an item that eases the flow of movement during tea preparation and adds convenience.
There are also tea funnels that have 2 in 1 function - a presentation vessel and a funnel. This enables the tea leaves to be presented to the guests at the initial point of the brewing stage. The leaves are then directed into the teapot using the same implement.

Presentation vessel and funnel - 2 in 1

Used as a funnel over the teapot

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