Thursday, April 12, 2012

The way to sip tea

People of Gannan drink tea three times a day. In the morning, they drink morning tea containing fried flour, milk dregs and butter. After lunch, one often drinks several bowls of tea in order to beef up the stomach's digestive ability as well as to perk the person up. after supper, the whole family usually sits around the table, talking while drinking tea to their hearts' content.
Tibetans pay close attention to sipping tea. For instance, bowls used to contain the tea should be flawless and the tea bowl held with both hands.
When refilling the bowl, the palm of the left hand should face the sky, and no tea should spill out of the bowl. If lamas are invited to recite sutras in the home, tea utensils used by the lamas should not be touched by others.

Tea has a thousand uses for Tibetans. When one has guests, he or she will entertain them with tea. Parents and elders are often toasted with tea. When older persons, themselves, sit together, they sip tea, gossip, and often recite the Six Syllable Prayer. When going to visit friends, one's gifts should include tea.

When a couple becomes engaged, tea is indispensable because it represents ever-lasting ties to Tibetans. When the bride reaches her husband's home for the first time, she should go directly to the kitchen, where she will make tea for her parents-in-law.

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