Monday, April 16, 2012

Gong Fu Cha - The Setup

From left: gaiwan, pitcher - fair cup, tea strainer, teacups. Bottom dish is the ceramic tea sink where the waste water drains while the process of brewing takes place.

Known also as Lao Ren Cha 老人茶 (Pinyin: Lăorénchá). The idea is brewing tea with the discipline and effort that one has acquired through practice. Essentially each time someone brews tea for you, they are practicing their art.
Items that are needed for this will be the following but not limited to:

1. Brewing vessel - Yixing or clay teapot, porcelain teapot, or a gaiwan.
2. Tea pitcher (chahai- Chinese: 公道杯, Pinyin: gōng dào bēi)
2. Hot water kettle, e.g. an electric kettle or a charcoal brazier and kettle
3. Brewing tray/tea sink or a deep, flat bottom porcelain plate to hold spills
4. Tea towel - usually made of linen hemp that does not leave lint behind
5. Cha Dao utensils
6. Tea cups
7.  Tea strainer (Chinese: 漏斗, Pinyin: lòu dŏu)
8.  Tea leaf holder for weighing and dispensing
9.  Tea basin, bowl as the receptacle for used tea leaves and refuse water
10. Tea leaves
11. Clean drinkable water for tea

From left: tea sink with 3 cups, tea jar, water container and bamboo water scoop, charcoal brazier and kettle, goose feather fan, teapot and teapot dish.

Optional Items: 
kitchen thermometer
aroma cup (Chinese: traditional 聞香杯, simplified 闻香杯, Pinyin wén xiāng bēi)
Tea jar - for storing tea
charcoal for brazier

From left: tea jar, water jug with clean water for tea, charcoal brazier and kettle, tea sink with teapot and 3 cups of brewed tea.


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