Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tea Culture in ethnic China

China is the homeland of tea. The Chinese minority ethnic groups not only have their own tea customs, but also formed their own unique tea culture.
Mongolian milk tea is to heat the mashed green tea with water and further add to it some milk, salt, fried rice and other seasonings. The host of the Mongolian yurt will invite the guests to drink tea with him. It is extremely impolite if the visitor refuses to drink at this time. Mongolians living in Gansu and Qinghai drink ghee tea more. The Hui tea is also called as "eight treasures tea", which adds rock candy, dried apricot, longan and so on. The Hui tea has the function of throat soothing and lungs clearing. The Tibetan ghee tea is a unique drink of the Tibetans. It is high in calorie with a refreshing effect. Drinking the ghee tea is good for digestion and nutrition supplement for the Tibetans people living in the alpine regions.
Although tea cultures of minority ethnic groups have different forms, the ways of hospitality of serving tea all have a long history.  As long as there are guests, the hospitable host will show its hospitality to guests by unique refreshments.

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