Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cha Dao Utensils

These are tools part of the Gong Fu Tea setup. They are very basic in function and form but come in a variety of stylistic expressions of each individual tool. These sets usually come in 6  or 12 components.
The basic 6 components consist of the following:

  • Tea scoop - Cha Shao  茶勺 - a scoop or spoon used to deliver  a standard volume of tea leaves 
  • Tea scraper - Cha Zha chi 茶渣匙  - tea dregs scoop used to remove spent tea leaves from a teapot
  • Tea pick - Cha diao 茶针 - used to remove tea leaves that may have been lodge in the teapot spout
  • Tea funnel - Cha lou  茶漏 - for channeling the tea leaves into the teapot/ sometimes it has a straining capacity when a mesh is designed within the component
  • Tea Tongs/tea Tweezers - Cha Jia 茶夹 or 茶夾 - for handling hot teacups during the immersing process in a Shui Fang, used for manipulating cups, etc., in gongfu tea practice
  • Utensil Holder - the component that holds the other implements.
When the component consist of 12 it involves the 6 implements mentioned above and 6 saucers. The saucers are for the presentation of the teacup to the guest. Creates a complete way of proper serving method where the guest is honored.

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