Monday, May 21, 2012

Antiques: Blue and White porcelain

Zun with design of interlocking sprays of peony
Zhengde period,Ming Dynasty
Height: 21.7cm
Diameter of mouth: 15.3cm
Diameter of foot: 10.6cm

Bowl with design of ploughing and weaving
Kangxi period,Qing Dynasty
Height: 10cm
Diameter of mouth: 20cm
Diameter of foot: 9.3cm

Covered-jar with design of pine,bamboo and plum
Yongzheng period,Qing Dynasty
Height: 18cm
Diameter of mouth: 6.5cm
Diameter of foot: 8cm

Bowl with design of interlocking sprays of lotus
Wanli period,Ming Dynasty
Height: 9cm
Diameter of mouth: 21cm
Diameter of foot: 7.7cm

By Explore Cultural China

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