Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Golden Tea Bowl

Qing Dynasty
Height: 6cm
Diameter of mouth: 9.5cm
Diameter of foot: 5.1cm
The tea bowl is made of gold of 80% fineness. It is round in shape and has a slightly flared brim. The inside of the bowl is smooth and the outside is adorned with engraved labyrinth patterns on top and ornamental background in the body, on which four characters of "shou" (meaning "longevity") and "shuangxi" (meaning "double happiness") each are engraved. The area close to the base is ringed with lotus flower motifs. The base is round and adorned with labyrinth patterns.
The tea bowl is made with superb craftsmanship and the patterns and characters are gracefully arranged. It is a treasure of the gold ware collection in the late Qing Dynasty court. Gold ware like this was only used on grand occasions like the emperor's wedding or birthday banquets.

By Explore Cultural China

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