Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Confessions of a Coffee Drinker

ARTICLE BY by Charles Connelly - Amicus of Tea

Raised on coffee from an early teenager I relished in this
“coming of age beverage” as a right of passage to the adult world.  I understood the anti-tea sentiments that have been part of our heritage since pre-revolutionary times and coffee’s national acceptance with its “beverage of choice” consumption during the civil war by fighting men both north and south.

As most red blooded Americans, I consumed several cups daily, year in and year out, for decades and developed the typical side affects…acidic stomach, digestive problems, jitters, low level addiction and an uncomfortable haste that comes from this. I thought cutting back would be the proper solution, but it was only replaced with stronger brews, often with sugar added, heavy creams that only added a sugar high to these pre-existing conditions.

About a decade ago, I was introduced to fine teas. The cheap-bagged teas are comparable to canned, ground coffee blends. The green teas from Taiwan and the vintage, aged pressed teas from China along with the multitude of fine available teas through knowledgeable purveyors opened my pallet to a remarkable find.  Black, green, white and these teas contained health promoting properties all emerged as I immersed myself into this new found beverage.

I no longer carry any of the byproducts of coffee consumption, but relish in a nutrient rich libation that satisfies me throughout my day. To summarize…coffee is for those in a hurried rush and tea for the relaxed that appreciate its variations as fine wines.

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