Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recipe: Snow Fungus Lily Tisanes (百合莲子银耳羹)


3-4 Snow Fungus (银耳/Ngan Yee)
30gm Lotus Seeds
30gm Lily Bulbs
30gm Dried Longan (Mata Kucing)
Rock Sugar to taste

  • Clean white fungus, lily bulbs. Soak them all in warm water for at least 3 hours.
  • Boil lotus seeds for 3 minutes, drained, cold down and remove the bitter heart of lotus seeds.
  • Add about 6-7 cups of water, together with white fungus, bring to boil, and turn the heat down to simmer for 2 hours, the fungus should be all soft and almost melting when it is done.
  • Add lotus seeds, lily bulbs and rock sugar, cook for another 20-30 minutes, turn off the stove and add dried longan.
  • It taste even better when chilled!

    Snow fungus, or white fungus, contains iron, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. Stewed snow fungus lubricates the colon and stimulates peristalsis. They aid blood production and bring more circulation to the skin to give you a moisturized-complexion. Snow fungus is also believed to be beneficial for the lungs, effective in healing dry cough and clearing heat in the lungs. They can be prepared with gingko, pears, Chinese dates, lotus seeds, or wolfberries.
    Scientific tests have shown that the snow fungus has the ability to fight and prevent cancer and is traditionally popular as an anti-aging food. A useful benefit of snow fungus is the prevention of leukopenia, or low white blood cell counts, in people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

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