Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scented White Tea: Silver Osmanthus

This silver Osmanthus is a blend for the best quality white tea and superior quality sweet osmanthus blooms.
A scented tea like no other good quality teas should not be compromised in its flavor as well as quality.

Smell: Sweet, fragrant, floral

Color: Mid to light yellow

Taste: Sweet, floral, no astringency or tannins

Body: Fluidly thin bodied

Liquor: Light

Stay: fresh, evenly coats, soothing in the mouth and while in transitioning into the stomach

Leaf: Fine, slightly downy buds.
Handpicked white tea leaves blended with premium quality whole osmanthus blooms.

Conclusion: This is a first-class osmanthus scented tea.
The tea leaves are of superior quality – white, silver tips of the tea bush.
The blend is so smooth and clean, as well as refreshing.
Clears the mind and balances the stomach.

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