Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oolong: Oriental Beauty – Dong Fang Mei Ren/Bai Hao

Oriental Beauty – Dong Fang Mei Ren/Bai Hao,
as legend has it was named by Queen Elizabeth II.
The locals of Hsin Chu County in Taiwan call it Bai Hao.
This tea is known as the champagne oolong in the Far East.

The temperate climate of Nantou county (high humidity and hot) encourages
a leaf hopper/tea jassid (Jacobiasca formosana Paoli – Xiao Lu Yeh Cong)
to be in abundance in this climate.
The unique aspect of this tea is developed through
the interaction of this tea jassid and the young buds of the tea plants.
They chew on these tea buds and deposit tiny amounts of saliva.
Also, this tea is highly oxidized to cause a transformation to the tea leaves and the deposited saliva of the tea jassid.

The leaves are then most heavily withered and oxidized the process long and difficult.
The chemical transformation gives this tea a fruity and honey scent and flavor.
These tea gardens are 100% pesticide free to encourage the tea jassid ecological interaction with the tea plants.
Consequently, the quality and aroma of the tea is associated
the prolific bites on the tea buds.
The skill to transform this tea is definitely perfected
by the tea masters in this county.
It has similarities to Dong Ding oolong (Tung Ting oolong).
This particular tea comes from Nantou, Taiwan.

Don Fang Mei Ren tea leaves are usually unfurled and goes through a higher level of oxidization.
However, this particular Bai Hao/Dong Fang/Oriental Beauty is only 20% -25% oxidation and the leaves are rolled tightly like most Oolongs.

Smell: Full roasted, savory, unique, pleasing, unforgettable, slight floral hues

Color: Golden amber

Taste: Complex, grows slowly, delicate roast, slight floral

Body: smooth, full, sensually thick

Liquor: Sweet, complete, roasted range very unique

Stay: Full mouth, even complex, lingers full and long, slight floral overtones

Leaf: Singles, doubles, triples, no bruising, even and meticulously roasted and cared for

Conclusion: Perfect in each and every area. a must have
for any tea aficionados "have to impress cache

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