Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oolong: Alishan Jin Xuan

This Taiwan oolong is from the Alishan area that is about 1400 meters in elevation.
This tea bush is a new varietals cultivated from older tea bushes.
The environment that these tea bushes grow in is under constant mountainous fog and clouds which is most ideal for growing tea.

Color: Light to mid tan yellow

Smell: Strong, full and roasted

Taste: Subtle start with a strong finish

Body: Full and buttery to the entire mouth and tongue

Liquor: Strong, light and subtle

Stay: Even, low tone and full

Leaf: Light to mid roast, machine picked or cut

Conclusion: Wonderful tea with meals.
Cleans the palate, subtly satisfying, simple with a lovely light buttery coat, very flavorful.

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