Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red tea: Darjeeling Red

This tea is from Nepal.

It is hand picked and rolled.
Most of the tea plantations in Nepal are worked by women.
More often than not most Darjeeling teas are sold as black teas.
However, the tea is more of an oolong than a black tea because it goes through an incomplete oxidation, less than 90%.
Darjeeling style teas are made from the Chinese variety of Camellia Sinensis, not Camellia Assamica - Assam tea plants.
The buds of the leaves are picked, and processed to produce this particular tea.

Smell: Deep, rich with citrus overtones

Color: Full amber red

Taste: Clean, sweet with a creamy finish

Body: Light, crisp, clean and even

Liquor: Fine to refine

Stay: Low and even finish

Leaf: Handpicked and twisted, mid-roast, beautiful red color

Conclusion: Perhaps the best tea we offer that is enhanced with a citrus zest.
A high tea must, beautiful tea leaves color,
even and not overpowering when minutes turn to hours.

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